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First Song


Myself singing, Brian playing instruments & some backing vocals. It's a start! By the way, it's an Alanis Morrisette cover. We fully intend on eventually writing our own music, but for now, we're practicing with covers, & we just wanted to hear how it sounded recorded. Took about an hour to record everything.

Death Cab

Really like the newest.  Does anyone think it sounds a little more like the style of The Postal Service than Death Cab though?

Narrow Stairs

Narrow Stairs
Death Cab for Cutie

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I realized that I don't think I've ever posted any photos of my little baby sister. I don't even know if I posted that I HAVE a new baby sister, actually.

So, anyways... her name's Isabella & she's 9 months old. She was born on September 24th, 2007. She is the cutest little thing. She loves Brian too, which is so adorable. These photos are from last week;

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I don't remember if I posted this or not, but I got a job at Sewickley hospital. I've been working there for a month now, it's okay. I work in patient registration. The manager thinks I'm great, but... I don't know if it's really the job for me. The good thing is though... as long as I keep impressing the manager & can keep the job & get raises etc... I can go back to school & the hospital will pay for it. Mind you, it would have to be something in the medical field, but still... that's pretty good. & I always did entertain the idea of going to school for something in that field, even back when I was in high school I thought about it a good bit, but I just never went through with it because it's so damn expensive. But if the hospital's going to pay, why the hell not? Haha, obviously I'm not really THAT nonchalant about it, I know this is serious regardless of whether I'm paying for it or not, but still, it's a cool deal. I just wish I had a clue as to what I'd be good at or what I'd like to do.

Brian's been being a real pain in my ass ever since I got this job. But I won't go into that right now, I just needed to say that, haha.

Hmm...not much else is going on. Finally getting bills caught up is nice, but still not having any money after you just got a new job because you're behind on all your bills is not fun. Oh well, by next month we'll be all paid up & can stop worrying about not having extra spending money, which is nice.

Uhm, yeah that's it for now. What's new with you?

New icon sets.

Take a look at my other collections.

If you haven't already, please join us at IconBuffet! It's a lot of fun trading icon sets! & they're all free! :)

2 new icon sets!

If you didn't read my post as to what IconBuffet is please click here - IconBuffet!  In that post there are more examples of icons I have as well as a detailed description of what IconBuffet is.  It's free, & so much fun!

Please, if you're going to join (which I highly recommend doing so!), use my referral link by clicking here - Kei on IconBuffet.  Thank you!

IconBuffet !!

Okay, so, I hate that I'm about to make one of those "use my referral & join this site" posts, but I promise it's not a site that's bad like those "Win a free giraffe!!  Just refer ninety friends & pay one trillion dollars to us" sites.

What this is, is an icon site.  Not like livejournal icons, more like those little icons you can use for web design (or anything really, just remember they're smaller).  Here's some examples of some of the icons from the sets I have so far;


So basically it's almost like a little game.  When you join you get 10 "tokens".  & you use these tokens to get free icon sets (usually between 8 & 20 icons but some give you over 60!)  & the number of "tokens" you have to spend on each set depends on what grade the icon is in (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Diamond).

When you join, you get a free delivery (still have to spend tokens, but the delivery is handed to you, instead of you having to ask for it (more on that later on)).  My advice is to accept the delivery whether you like the icons or not, because you can use this to trade with other users for icons you DO want. 

When you trade, you do not lose your icons. 

You get 10 tokens every month, & you also get a free delivery every month.

Anytime you receive & accept a delivery, you also gain "stamps".  Stamps are used to send other users icon sets (for trade, or if you're just feeling generous).

If you see an icon set you like in the Free Delivery section of the site, you can post on the Blog section (more like a forum than a blog) requesting it.

Everyone there is really, really nice.

Also, they have a point system.  You receive "points" every time you send a set to someone, & you can also receive points when you refer friends (hence the main reason for this post).  Once you reach certain "milestones" with your points, you get more free tokens.

You do not have to download the icon sets that you accept.  They'll stay on your account on the IconBuffet web site until you want to download & use them.  Also, if you download a set, & then accidentally delete it from your computer, it will still be there (always) on your account on the site to redownload anytime.

Edited from original to add;

  • This does NOT cost you any money.
  • You do NOT have to refer any one else to use this.
  • More often than not, the lovely people at IconBuffet will just give you icon sets if you ask for them, without asking for a trade.  The only time they'll ask for a trade is if they see you have a set they don't have & want.  Again, you don't "lose" your icon set if you deliver it to someone else.
  • You will be automatically added to my friends list when you join using the below referral link (I know, you're so excited!), which means I can send you any of my icon sets immediately.
  • Pay attention to what grade the icon set you want is in.  Bronze sets only cost you 1 token, but Diamond sets cost you 10 tokens.
  • Every month the creators of IconBuffet create 4 new icon sets.  They send every user a delivery offer on one of the new sets (it's chosen at random which one you'll get).  This keeps the trades going, as everyone will need the other 3 new sets created each month that they didn't receive a delivery offer for (hopefully that wasn't too confusing).
  • The icons come in many, many different formats for Mac & Windows (they do come in GIFs & PNGs so that they can hold their transparency as well).  When you download a set, it will be a zip file.  You do not have to extract all the folders/files.  They're all the same thing, just different formats.  I usually only extract the GIF folder in the Windows file.  It's up to you.

Please join!!!  :)


I'm so sorry.

This is the strangest thing I've ever seen.


I think I said in an earlier entry that Best Buy was supposed to call me within a day or two of my interview (which was one week ago from today) to let me know - either way - what they'd decided to offer me, if anything.  I was interviewing for a management position, & it really would've been great to get that kind of a job.  But, they never called.  So today, I called them.  This is the answer I got;

I talked to the head manager &...basically I think we're gonna keep looking around.  But I appreciate you calling back.

Nice, huh?  Whatever.  I thought that interview went really well.  I mean, when I walked in, he said, "My interviews never go for longer than 15 minutes, so don't worry, this will be quick."  It ended up I was in there for over 45 minutes because we got along pretty well & had a lot of things in common media wise.  So what the fuck went wrong?  How do you go from the head manager really liking you & thinking you're management material, & the floor manager really getting along well with you & chatting you up, suddenly to "we're going to keep looking for someone else"??

To be honest, I think it was my last employer.  I think Best Buy called Coventry to verify my employment & Coventry said something not-so-nice about me.  Now, I've been told over & over that that's virtually impossible.  That there's so many laws now protecting people that employers basically can't give a past employee a bad rep.  But, I'm convinced that's what happened.  So now what?  If that IS what happened... I'm fucked, because any job I try to get is going to call them & then not hire me because Coventry are assholes.

& really, I can't not put Coventry on my applications/resumes because I worked there for the last 3 years.  If I try to apply for a job & leave the last 3 years off my resume they won't even consider me.  Ugh.

I guess I should've asked the guy at Best Buy why they didn't want to hire me...but I was so shocked & upset I just kind of went, "Oh, okay thanks, Nick.  Bye."

Anyway, I have to call Sewickley Hospital tomorrow.  Hopefully something good will come out of that.  But I'm not very optimistic now.  I see flipping burgers at some shitty fast food joint in my immediate future.

Brian's mum lent us the money to pay the gas bill yesterday, so at least that won't get shut off & we won't have to pay over $400 to get it turned back on.

Our cell phone's will probably get shut off pretty soon though.  Which is really bad because how am I supposed to get call back's on applications if I don't have a phone?  Not to mention the 50+ applications I've already put in places... if they get an opening & try to call, I'm shit out of luck.  I thought about giving out my mum's phone number, just until we can get our phone situation sorted, but all those applications I've already submitted have pretty much gone to waste if I do that.  Basically, employers hang on to your applications for 60 - 90 days, if you try to submit another application (in other words, if I tried to submit a corrected application with a different phone number) they just throw it away.  They only look at your first submitted application, until it's been 60 - 90 days since you've submitted.  Then you can submit again.  Unfortunately I can't wait 60 - 90 days.  So yeah, fucked again.

The shitty thing is, we have a 2 year contract with Verizon.  & we just started that contract in November of 2007, so we haven't even been with them a year yet.  Verizon is so expensive it's ridiculous.  We pay anywhere from $150 - $200 a month for two phone lines.  This month's payment was $207 & was due on the 8th.  Can't afford that, so they'll probably shut them off within the next week or so.  At that point we have two options... pay the $207 plus $35 PER PHONE to get them turned back on.  Or, pay the $207 plus $175 PER PHONE to terminate the contract early.  Honestly, even though it's absolutely fucking ridiculous that you have to pay that much to terminate the contract early, I think we'd be better off in the long run to do it that way.  I was looking at Cricket's web site... we can get two phone lines for a total of $65 a month with unlimited calling anytime & unlimited pic/text messaging.  Then only downfall is we wouldn't be able to use the phones we have now, we'd have to buy new ones from Cricket.  The cheapest phone they have is $50.  So that's $165 (plus I think there's a $15 activation fee per phone) we'd have to come up with before we could do that.  The good news is you can use your old phone number...so I wouldn't have to worry about changing the number on my applications/resumes.  But I have to wonder if Verizon would allow that if we still owe them money when we try to switch over to Cricket.  I don't know if they can put a hold on your number or not.

But... regardless... it would still be saving us money to pay the early terminations fees & switch to Cricket.  I mean, we'd be saving around $135 a month.

Man, thing's are really shitty right now.  The End.